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Alice Brown

Printed Textile Designer

Alice Brown is a distinguished British textile designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, renowned for her profound connection with the natural world. Her designs are more than just patterns; they are heartfelt tributes to nature's unparalleled beauty. Growing up on the picturesque island of Jersey, Alice's childhood was enveloped in the vibrant hues of tropical jungles and serene landscapes, experiences that now flow into her textile designs. Her work is a bridge between the raw beauty of nature and the art of textile design, inviting us into a world where each piece tells a story.

Design Philosophy

"Through my art I transform the world around me into vibrant, flowing patterns. I feel most alive when I am traveling and in nature. I hope you feel the joy that goes into every one of my patterns!"

Artworks x YIUME

I believe in creating designs that reflect nature's unparalleled beauty, embodying its principles of renewal and preservation.








This series is inspired by the guiding light of lighthouses amidst the vast, tumultuous seas. It symbolizes hope, guidance, and the safe harbors found in nature. The "LIGHTHOUSE" prints reflect the calm and assurance that these beacons of light bring to sailors around the world, interweaving nautical charm with the elegance of tropical island life.


This series celebrates the vibrant life beneath the waves, from the kaleidoscopic coral reefs to the mysterious creatures of the deep. Each design is a homage to the ocean's majesty, a call for its preservation, woven by artists united in their passion for marine conservation. Wearing "Marine Habitats" is an embrace of the ocean's soul, a tribute to its diverse ecosystems.


Our "Vikings" collection sails through time, inspired by the Norse saga of exploration and warrior spirit. This series blends art with history, each piece echoing tales of Viking adventures and mythology. It's more than clothing; it's a narrative of courage, a testament to the explorers of yore. By donning "Vikings," you wear a piece of history, embodying the ancient spirit of discovery and the timeless allure of the unknown.

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"Ready to weave your art into the tapestry of fashion? Apply to YIUME's Artist Collaboration Project today and let your creativity flourish!"

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