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Grace Andersson

Illustration and Surface Pattern Design

Hello! I'm Grace Andersson, a Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator soaking up the sunshine in Los Angeles, California. My artistic journey is deeply intertwined with my love for the natural world, drawing inspiration from the vibrant flora and fauna that surround us. Whether I'm working with my beloved gouache or exploring new mediums, my art is a celebration of life's whimsical beauty, expressed through intricate patterns and stylized illustrations.



Design Philosophy

Art, for me, is about capturing the essence of our world's stunning diversity and presenting it in a way that speaks to both the heart and the imagination.

I believe that by incorporating elements of nature into my designs, I can create a bridge between everyday life and the extraordinary. It's my aim to infuse a sense of wonder, joy, and youthful vitality into every piece, inviting viewers to explore the beauty of the natural world through my lens.

Artworks x YIUME

Let's celebrate the artistry found in nature's depths and bring a touch of its sublime wonder into our lives








Highlighting the elegance and dynamism of one of the ocean's most majestic creatures, "SWORDFISH" combines fluid lines with bold, expressive colors. This collection embodies the spirit of adventure and the grace of the natural predator, making a striking statement in any setting.
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