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Car Pintos

Designer, painter, illustrator and lover

Greetings! I'm Car Pintos, an internationally recognized artist and the creative mind behind the best-selling Happy Place Coloring Book. My artistic journey has been graced with collaborations with global giants like Coca Cola, Brother, and Oster. I find my sanctuary in Mar Chiquita, Buenos Aires, a World Biosphere Reserve that offers an endless muse for my creations. Surrounded by the melodious calls of birds, the vibrant hues of flowers, and the serene presence of trees and animals, my artwork is a reflection of the world's inherent beauty, detailed in every stroke and color.

Design Philosophy

My designs are born from the belief that nature holds the power to inspire, heal, and transform. With each piece, I aim to capture the essence of the natural world, translating its unspoken stories into patterns that resonate with energy and youthfulness.

Artworks x YIUME

"In my heart, nature is the ultimate artist, and I am merely an interpreter of its magnificence."






This series is a homage to the raw, untamed force of nature. Drawing inspiration from the rugged landscapes and powerful elements of Mar Chiquita, "Power By Nature" embodies the spirit of adventure and resilience. It's designed for those who see nature not just as a backdrop for leisure, but as a source of strength and inspiration.


Imagine a garden where every bird tells a story, and each feather sings a song of color and wonder. "Magic Garden Birds" is an enchanting series that brings the delicate beauty of garden birds to life. With meticulous attention to detail, these patterns are a celebration of the diversity and magic that feathered friends bring to our lives.

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