On August 8, 2023, a wildfire sparked by a distant hurricane devastated large parts of Lahaina, a resort town on the island of Maui, Hawaii, causing an unspecified number of deaths. This is one of the deadliest wildfires in the United States in recent years.
Map Shows Extent of Maui Wildfire

The Banyan Court in Lahaina - Before and After the Devastating Wildfire

Maui Devastated by Wildfires

Hurricane Dora's powerful winds swept through southern Hawaii on Tuesday, August 8, fanning the flames and preventing aircraft from flying over the town during the fire - but when they passed by, pilots were shocked by the scenes before them.


"It's just horrible. I've been flying here for 52 years and never seen anything even remotely similar," helicopter pilot Richard Olsten told the Associated Press. "We were in tears."


The blaze destroyed most of the buildings along the waterfront, including the old courthouse.

Despair Among the Flickers of Hope

The town's lighthouse was spared, but most of the surrounding buildings were destroyed, including Hawaii's oldest hotel - the 122-year-old Pioneer Inn - which was decimated.

Buildings Destroyed in Lahaina

YIUME Supporting Maui Disaster Areas

Friends, let us unite as one to contribute our love and support to help Maui residents rebuild their homes. Every bit of your participation will light up the path forward for the islanders. Maui will rise again from the ashes, and we will surely see a brighter tomorrow.

Supplies shipped to Maui disaster areas

The first shipment of 300 items from YIUME to Maui is on its way, with additional supplies being prepared for follow-on shipments.

The first shipment of over 400 shirts has arrived safely in the Maui disaster area.