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Rob Hawes - Tiki Mug maker and Collector
I'm a tiki mug maker/collector living on Maui.

When it comes to "Tiki culture," we often think of the Hawaiian vibe, tropical island atmosphere, and colorful cocktails. Tiki culture is a popular culture that emerged in the mid-20th century in the United States, blending elements from regions such as Polynesia, Hawaii, and the Caribbean to present them in an exotic way.

Cuisine and Cocktails: Tiki culture is prominently manifested in the realm of dining and cuisine. In the 1940s and 1950s, there was a fascination in the United States for exoticism and vacation destinations, leading to the rise of Tiki restaurants and bars. These establishments were characterized by unique decor, wooden carvings, bamboo structures, and an abundance of tropical plants. Furthermore, Tiki culture also spurred a distinct style of cocktails made with fruits, rainforest plants, and various spirits, including famous ones like the Mai Tai and Zombie.

Music and Entertainment: Tiki culture also influenced the realms of music and entertainment. Jazz, pop music, and Hawaiian music were performed in Tiki venues, enhancing the exotic ambiance. Performances such as Hawaiian dance and fire dancing were common acts in Tiki bars and restaurants.

Art and Decor: Tiki culture's artistic style features bold patterns, vibrant colors, and exaggerated elements. Art forms such as wood carving, painting, ceramics, and textiles were widely utilized in Tiki decor, creating a distinct island atmosphere.

“Working hard but I’m just one guy cranking out mugs as fast as I know how. But my collectors know I don’t cut corners so every mug takes time and I like to make them unique by adding custom details. One more week of jamming then I can relax with my friends at Tiki O!!”


“I’m so excited to announce my Aloha Shirt is now available!! I will be bringing some to Arizona Oasis. This is my first time selling Aloha shirts so I don’t know how many to bring in each size. Sooo your best bet may be to order online in advance, or get to my booth early. These have coconut buttons, matching pockets, and wrinkle free fabric!”

These shirts will give you a cool vibe in the warm weather. We have edgy and unique designs aligned with vacation and urban culture. 

Easy fit and easy wear ALOHA shirts to make all shapes and sizes happy. Wear one at the lane, in the back yard or out on the town.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee,No Questions Asked



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